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Yes, the name has changed.  Still providing unparalleled service since 1996.

California Age Management Institute is the first and foremost medical provider of anti aging / age management medicine dedicated to the proposition that:

age is a state of mind ...
aging is a treatable condition

As pioneers in the rapidly expanding age management / anti aging field, we are increasingly imitated -- but never duplicated. Accept nothing but the best. We are the brand name in age management / anti aging Medicine proudly serving you with time tested results.

Now relax ... take in a few deep breaths of air.  Really deep ... Good.  Now enjoy yourself.

Feel free to navigate our site in its entirety.  There is a wealth of information here that should begin to answer many of your first anti aging questions. You can see our specialty areas to the left.

We have a full spectrum of offerings including professional consultations. Bookmark this site and return often. New information is constantly being added and revised as recent developments are announced.

Your questions are welcomed. You can email us, click on our brief feedback page or call us at 408-358-8855 any time of the day.

And, don't forget to ask us about our Premiere  Age Management / Anti Aging Plans. Age reversal to recapture lost youthfulness.

It's now up to you ... call us today.


It's About Time ...

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Philip Lee Miller Founder / Medical Director
Philip Lee Miller, MD
Founder/Medical Director

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